Hot n'Cold and MobScore available on Ovi Store.
In the last month of June, two new Signove applications were published on Ovi Store. The first one is the already known Hot n’cold application. With Hot n`cold you can hide virtual treasures, and use the application to find those treasures with the help of a thermometer and the device GPS.

The second application is the mobScore. MobScore is a simple application that helps you to mark your sports game score. Do you like to play a basketball or soccer match with your friends on weekends? MobScore helps you to mark the time and score of each match. Enjoy!


Pelota available on Funlabs.
Pelota FunLabs application is available! Do you like soccer? Are you a soccer-fanatic that cannot lose any goal in World Cup? So, you'll like this application. It will alert you on any goal that happens, any time, any where!

More info: Pelota application


DummyCall reaches 10 thousand downloads.
The DummyCall application hit 10 thousand downloads on Nokia Ovi Store! Are you curious to know what is the DummyCall? Check it out the application in the Signove FunLabs, download it and have fun!

More info: DummyCall application


DummyCall available on Ovi Store.
New Signove application available on Nokia Ovi Store: Signove Dummy Call is intended to be a call simulator. It shows a typical call window, plays a ringtone and vibrates like an incoming call.


Other FunLabs application is available! Do you like to play billiards? So, you’ll love the Mobilliards game. It is a simple and easy to use billiards game that you can play in your Nokia mobile cell-phone! Download it here, install it, and that is it. Have fun!

More info: Mobilliards application

Signove launches FunLabs Portal.
Signove Tecnologia launches today its application portal: Signove FunLabs! The purpose of this portal is to make available useful, simple, and funny applications to the end user. Yes, users like you! So, the applications are easy to install, simple to configure and awesome to use!

The portal starts with three applications, which are available, or in its internal repository, or through some application store, such as Nokia Ovi Store. The objective is to make available more and more applications during this 2010 year.

More info: Signove Funlabs website

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